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People of Color comprise 40% of the U.S. population yet have no significant ownership in media, an industry that represents 20% of the economy and where barriers to a sustainable business model for local news are well-documented. Meantime, media bias and stereotyping continue to fan the fire of hatred and division and to fuel culture wars. The decline in local and diverse news outlets is crippling civic engagement. And worst of all, not seeing positive stories about their community is stifling the dreams and aspirations of Black and Brown children across this nation.

Our Mission

We are resolved to get more content, more ownership, more impact and more control of our story and of where, when, how and by whom it's told — but we can't do it without you.
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Impact Highlights

In 2022, MMCA:
    • Developed the BIPOCXChange, a single-solution platform for connected BIPOC media professionals with each other and with stakeholders wanting to invest, support or do business with them;
    • Teamed up with the Reynolds Journalism Institute to launch the Equitable Media and Economies Initiative, a national effort to promote and fund BIPOC community media organizations as critical civic infrastructure;
    Mobilized more than 140 BIPOC publishers to urge federal regulators to modify the Community Reinvestment Act and incentivize banks to invest in equitable media;
    • Collaborated with some of the nation's leading community development and financing institutions to highlight the benefits of investing in and partnering with BIPOC media as part of their community development, DEI and community engagement strategies;
    • Championed diversity and honored changemakers through events like our annual Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner and DCX Metaverse Summit.

This is only the beginning.

Donate now and together we can make media diversity a reality.

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